A one-year heritage project led by young people from EYST that has researched young
people’s experiences of living and growing up in Wales

Hi. Shwmae. Salam. Përshëndetje. Merhaba. Jambo.

We are a group of young people from diverse backgrounds who have been volunteering on this exciting project to research and capture young people’s individual experiences of growing up in Wales.

‘As a young person it can be difficult to know where you fit in as there’s lots of different communities to go to’

Experiences can depend on who we surround ourselves with and can be influenced by what the media say about young people, ethnic minorities or different religious groups.

During the project we produced a film, exhibition and teaching resource that aimed to explore and show what growing up in Wales today means to us. We hope we can get you thinking and talking about what makes us who we are and how this makes Wales so unique and in particular to think about the word ‘migrant’ – what this means to you and to us!

We are always looking for more content and contributors for the website to write and capture the issues that are important to young people.

Contact jami@eyst.org.uk if you want to get involved!

"We are all migrants. Life is not easy. We are all young. Maybe not in age but our spirit never grows old. We are all human no matter where we live or where we come from we are all equal. These are the main things that we learnt on the project. Everyone’s lives has pieces. Someone else can see themselves on someone else’s journey no matter who they are "

- Young, Migrant & Welsh Volunteer

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